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The finest products from Ohio's Amish Country

Our products

We select products with our customers in mind. If we wouldn't use them in our restaurants and retail store, we don't offer them to our wholesale customers.

At the same time, if you are looking for product that we don't offer, our salepersons will search out quality options that will fit your needs.



We offer a choice of Certified Angus Beef®, USA Choice, USDA Select and ungraded cuts in portion-controlled packages. We can dry-age our own prime or choice grade beef upon request. Custom orders can be cut and packaged to your exact specifications, from strip steaks to freshly-ground beef. Cuts may be fresh or frozen and are vaccuum packed.

Fresh Boxed Meats

Fresh boxed Meats

If you prefer to cut your own meats, Dutch Creek can provide you with the area’s finest pork, bacon, hams, beef and chicken in boxes.


Chicken & Custom-cut pork

Like our beef, Dutch Creek's meat cutters will custom-cut pork chops, ribs, tenderloins and sausage. Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken is already pre-cut; however, we can vaccuum pack both according to your preferences.

Amish Country Cheeses

Amish Country Cheeses

Ohio cheeses are some of the best in the nation. We carry the best locally-made cheeses, including award-winning Guggisberg Cheese, Steiner Cheese and prepackaged Heini's Cheese, all made by skilled cheesemakers using from milk from local dairies.



In our own kitchens, our staff prepares and packages our own salad dressings, barbeque sauce, Amish peanut butter spread, freezer jams, icings, and both fruit pie and cream pie fillings. We use these products every day in our restaurants.

Deli and Local Meats


Dutch Creek carries an extensive variety of sandwich and luncheon meats, from staples like ham and smoked turkey to specialties such as Troyer’s Genuine Trail Bologna.



We carry non-food restaurant supplies such as serving utensils and plates, styrofoam cups and clamshells, aluminum foil, serving gloves, pastry bags and trash bags.

Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

refrigerated & Frozen

Our restaurants use a large volume of dairy and eggs, so we always have Smith Dairy Products and Sauder’s Eggs on hand for our other customers. We also stock an assortment of frozen potatoes, vegetables, fruits, prepared foods and seafood.


Canned Goods & Noodles

We stock a variety of canned goods such as fruits, vegetables and tomato products and dry egg noodles and pasta.

Bakery Supplies


For commercial bakeries, we can provide a complete line of flours, sugars, shortenings, icings and related products. As well as servicing our company’s own growing bakeries, we supply many other local high volume bakeries.



Through our partnership with Farmer Brothers, Dutch Creek offers a complete beverage dispenser program for operations as small as diners and as large as banquet centers. Ask us about juices, teas and our fair-trade coffee.



During Thanksgiving and Christmas, Dutch Creek can supply your organization with holiday hams, turkeys (fresh and smoked) or custom gift baskets featuring Amish Country products.